Wi-Fi Antenna Switch & Power Meter

Manual WS16 User Manual

WS16 allows you to power-up your station, switch antennas, and monitor your transmiting power / SWR locally or remotely using a WEB browser in SO1R, SO2R or M2 station configuration.
Together with WRC rotator controller you can remotely control and monitor your station.


  • CPU 160MHz 32bit
  • 2.4GHz WiFi 802.11n network interface.
  • Listens to RadioInfo packets sent by N1MM+, DXLabs and other logging software to extract radio operating frequency and select antenna.
  • Connects directly to Flex 6x00 series radio and follows two slices.
  • WEB server that can display operating frequency, choose available antenna on that specific band, display transmitting power and SWR on PC/ MAC or tablet. WEB pages are fully customizable.
  • In SO2R or Multi-2 configuration, WS16 will serve separate WEB page for each radio.
  • Provides a fast websocket interface for Node-RED integration.
  • 16 digital outputs, each can provide 12V / 0.5A. Can be wired to DX Engineering Dual Input Remote Antenna Switches DXE-RR2X8B for S02R , DXE-RR8B-HP, DXE-RR8B-SD or Ameritron RCS-10 in SO1R setup.
  • One ONAIR solid state relay (36V/0.5A) that can be used to switch Flex 6x00 On/Off or control the station's main power relay.
  • Analog inputs for up to two Tandem Match Power sensors to measure transmitting power and SWR up to 2KW.
  • Opto-isolated input (KEYx) and solid state relay (TXEx) can be wired to prevent antenna hot switching for each radio. After antenna change is requested, WS16 will check the corresponding KEYx to see if this radio is currently transmitting and wait until it goes to receive. When in receive WS16 can disable transmission with the TXEx relay, then safely switch new antenna selection and re-enable transmission after a set delay.
  • Additional 16 ouputs can be installed with WX16 expansion board.

Sample wiring SO2R configuration with two tranceivers or one Flex 6x00

WEB interface to monitor transmiting power and select available antenna for that band. In SO2R / M2 configurations, two separate WEB pages will be served, allowing each radio to be on separate computer or monitor. WEB interface is fully customizable.