Wi-Fi Rotator Controller - WRC

WRC board

Front panel board


  • Can be mounted inside rotator controller or used as a standalone replacement.
  • Local or remote control can be done by any device with a WEB browser like
    PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.
  • OLED display and front panel controls are optional.
  • Powered by 8 to 24V AC/DC. Current 0.15A max.
  • Analog input for position reading.
  • 3x 10A SPDT relays.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11n 2.4GHz network interface.
  • Can be used as Access point or connected to existing Wi-Fi network.
  • WEB browser interface for local or remote point-and-shoot control.
  • Point to QRA grid locator.
  • Telnet network interface - compatible with PstRotator program.
  • UDP packet listener - compatible with N1MM logger and DXLab suite.
  • Can be used as elevation rotor

This is an universal rotor control kit, capable of controlling any AC or DC rotor with analog feedback, it provides 10bit ADC resolution. Wi-Fi network interface eliminates control cables, reducing RFI and opens the possibility to control it remotely using a WEB browser.

Sample standalone wrirng to Yaesu rotor

You can use any device (laptop/tablet/phone) with a WEB browser to set it up and use point-and-shoot rotor controls. The WEB interface can be completely customized by modifying the rotor.html file located in the internal flash filesystem.

The WRC can be integrated inside a wide range of existing rotor controllers.
You can also run the WRC standalone using the 1.3" OLED display and two control buttons.

No-solder kits are available for purchase in my Web store.
Check Forums for new features and firmware updates.