Wi-Fi Remote Antenna Switch & Power Meter




Manual WAS6 Manual


  • Six to One coax switch. Unused ports are grounded.
  • Power handling 2000W at SWR < 2.
  • 1.8MHz to 52MHz, SWR < 1.15, Isolation 1.8-30MHz >60dB, 53dB on 50MHz .
  • 2.4GHz WiFi 802.11n network interface.Typical coverage ~100m.
  • WEB server that can display operating frequency, choose available antenna on that band, displays transmitting power and SWR on PC/ MAC or tablet.
  • Tandem Match Power / SWR sensor inside, rated up to 2000W.
  • Hot-switching protection. Switching request sent while transmitting will be postponed.
  • Power requirement: 10-16VDC / 0.3A remotely through coax cable or localy.
  • Listens to RadioInfo UDP packets sent by N1MM+, DXLabs and other logging software to extract radio operating frequency and select antenna. Can be used with any radio that can be interfaced to those loggers.
  • Connects directly to Flex 6x00 series radio and follows operating frequency.
    Can be used remotely without PC.
  • WEB page is fully customizable.
  • Provides a fast websocket interface for Node-RED integration.
  • Aluminum enclosure. Can be mounted on a wall or pipe (25 to 50mm diameter).
  • Dimensions (enclosure) 7.25 x 4.75 x 2.25in (187 x 120 x 55mm)

WEB interface to monitor transmiting power and select available antenna for that band.
Displayed is the Transmitting Power, SWR, operating frequency and buttons with defined antenna selections for that frequency. Click or touch to change antenna.
WEB page uses a websocket for fast update that can be adjusted down to 200ms.