Most of my antennas are made of wire and rope, hanging between trees. I’ve managed to put up a full size 80M to 10M Windom just 10m above the ground.
The Remotely Tuned 80M to 10M Wire Vertical is in my back yard. On 80M is an Inverted L and impedance is about 17 Ohm. There are 5/8 lambda parallel radiators for 40M, 30M, 20M and 10M. I figured there was no need for separate 15M wire – 40M on the 3-rd harmonic is just fine. All wires are connected to a relay switched capacitor bank. SWR is about 3 on 80M with all capacitors in parallel. It can be tuned on all other bands by choosing the right capacitor combination. TS-2000 internal tuner was able to finally tune it easily on all bands.

BaseRadials installed and will be soldered to the copper tube.Wire vertical tunedChocke balun is made from 8 turn of RG8X on FT-140-43 core. Good tune with 180pF series capacitor on 40M.
Wire vertical