Tape Measure 2M Beam & Offset Attenuator

Tape Measure Beam Antenna for Radio Direction Finding based on WB2HOL design.
Tape Measure Beam

I just made some mechanical changes based on my Fox hunting experience back in Europe.
Elements are mounted inside the T or Cross couplings. Part of the lip inside the couplings is removed with a round file, so the steel tape can lay flat inside. To hold the elements in place a short piece of ¾" pipe is just pushed on each side. A second shorter 12" piece of steel tape is used on top of each element to minimize the rattling. The corners are rounded off and a thermo-shrink tube is used to cover all steel tape ends. Driven element is assembled inside the cross coupling by using 2pcs. 4/40 screws spaced 1" apart. Cable lugs are soldered to RG-313 coax and hairpin match made of 18AWG stranded wire. Two 4/40 nuts are soldered on each hairpin end to ease the assembly process.Balun is just 8-10 turns of RG313, and covered with thermo-shrink tube or electrical tape so it will fit inside the boom.Driven ElementDrive Element
Gray conduit box is holding the Offset Attenuator, powered by 3 AAA alkaline batteries and my
Kenwood TH-F6A radio.TH-F6A

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