AZ-EL USB Rotor Controller AE-21 


Note: This project is not available as a kit.
Design files download: AE-21_files


  • Azimuth / Elevation point and shot control
  • Graphic 2.7" OLED display 128x64 pixels
  • Soft ramp-up and ramp-down AC motor control
  • 8 outputs for antenna control
  • 8 antenna / offset configurations
  • USB serial interface
  • Yaesu GS-232A commands compatible for computer control
  • Compatible with Yaesu G-5500, G-450, G-650, HY-Gain and other AC motor rotors
  • Solid-state relays for quiet and reliable operation
  • Brake control with programmable delay

Download: AE-21 Manual

This project was started for VHF/UHF Sattelite / EME work. I have EL rotor and one cross Yagi for 70cm and need to get a 2M (or build) one. Currently using only AZ side for my HF Modified W8JK beam.


AE-21 backAE-21 inside