First licensed in 1979 and operated from LZ1KPG Radio Club.
Main interests: Fox hunting and building DF receivers. VHF weak signal, meteor scatter and EME.
Got my first call sign LZ3PG and was very active on Packet radio, building digipeaters and LZ0BBS SysOp. Relocated to US and licensed in 2009 as AF6SA.

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My son Alex / KK6VIX building AM/FM radio kit.

Veso & Stefan
With my Elmer Veso Iliev in LZ1KPG shack working on Pravetz 8D Personal Computer  (1984)

Mechit - KN12RE
Veso Iliev, Val Krumov and myself working on VHF/UHF bands.
Mechit peak 2567masl, QRA:KN12RE   (Aug'1981)

Ivan/LZ1IA, Niki/LZ1PV and myself, climbing Musala peak (2925masl, QRA:KN12TE) to install Packet Digipeater on 144.675MHz. Niki is holding the antenna - 1/2 wave dipole feed with 1/4 lambda stub.

Volvo, for Life!

I like to drive and maintain Volvo cars, and I have put a Ham Radio in all of them!

I enjoy riding bikes & bringing a portable QRP station with me.