21-Nov-2013 Ameritron ALS600 Automatic LPF kit is now available for sale.

11-Nov-2013 Forums are online.

02-Nov-2013 Ameritron ALS-600 Retrofit project User and Assembly Manuals added.

21-July-2013 Fox Hunting Tape Measure Beam Antenna and Offset Attenuator added.

06-July-2013 Ameritron ALS-600 Retrofit project is ready writing Assembly / User manual.

24-May-2013 Building and installing Modified W8JK antenna.

30-April-2013 Kenwood Remote LDG Tuner Interface KTI-LR is now available for sale.

23-Mar-2013 Built a prototype and wrote the firmware for LDG Remote Tuner Interface and TS-2000.
See Projects page for details.

25-Mar-2013 Ameritron ALS-600 power amplifier retrofit project update.
ALS 600LPF board is ready for testing.