AF6SA Amateur Radio Station, El Dorado Hills, California, QRA: CM98lq

Located in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains on a residential lot with CC&R antenna restrictions.
Rotatable antenae are located on the house roof and the rest are made from wires between oak trees.

Antennae on house roof: 2x9 Xpol 144MHz + 2x19 Xpol 432MHz Az/El rotatable Sat/EME.    Mosley MP-33 + 6M add-on.

AF6SA + KK6VIX on Big Hill. Solar powered, new 12Vdc portable rotation

Shack is located in an outbuilding with 240VAC/30A service, Gigabit Ehternet and AC/Heat pump.

Base Station:

  • Transceiver: Flex-6600, TS-2000, ICOM IC-7100
  • HF Solid state Power Amplifier Ameritron ALS-600 + upgraded LPF board, automatic band change, PIN diode QSK and RS-232 port. See ALS 600 Retrofit project.
  • WiFi remote tuner / antenna switch. Station automation project.
  • Kenwood TH-F6A FM base / portable.

Antennae: Photo album

  • Windom 80M-10M about 10M above ground.
  • Mosley MP-33 Tribander for 20M - 10M. 6M 3el add-on single coax feed. CD-45 rotor, home build AE-21 rotor controller with WiFi interface.
  • 160M Helical top loaded vertical 57ft.
  • 80M top loaded wire vertical 50ft.
  • 40M wire vertical.
  • Vertical wire Delta loop for 40M, usable on 30M and 15M with tuner.
  • 2x9 element X-polarised 144MHz  G0KSC LFA Yagi with home build polarity switch and LNA NF=0.4dB. Polarity can be switched to Horizontal, Vertical, LHCP or RHCP.
  • 2x19 element X-polarised 432MHz Yagi with home build polarity switch and LNA NF=0.5dB. Polarity can be switched to Horizontal, Vertical, LHCP or RHCP.
  • AE-21 AZ/EL rotor controller with WiFi interface.
  • Tri Band 145/220/440 home build copper J pole.
  • RX crossed loops,1.25M dia, H/V polarized. AAA-1C amplifier by LZ1AQ. WiFi TV Rotor Controller AE-12

Mobile Station:

  • Kenwood TM-D700 FM and APRS.
  • Diamond CR-320 or A-M3B 145/220/440 ¼ GP

Portable Station: Photo album

  • TRX: ICOM IC-7100
  • All 12Vdc power. Solar panel 100W + 100Ah battery
  • 6M 3el, design by DK7ZB
  • 144MHz 5el + 432MHz 8el dual bander by DK7ZB
  • Portable rotation - WiFi Rotor controler AE-12 inside a TV rotor